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In this Tutorial, I will be explaining manufacturing process in Tally. The manufacturing process is quite different from the development process. It is different from the support and service process because it is a manual process. It can take a lot of time to complete because it requires a lot of human effort to create an item. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers to find efficient ways to speed up the manufacturing process so that they can keep up with demand for their products/services while reducing costs. Manufacturing Process in Tally: The manufacturing process in Tally starts by creating sales orders, whether they are sales orders for finished goods or sales orders for parts that need to be assembled into finished goods. Orders are then assigned order numbers that identify them on the production line and are given an order date.

In order to start a manufacturing journal, you should ask yourself how it will be different from the others in your industry. A manufacturing journal is meant to be a central repository of information about the manufacturing business and its products. Manufacturing journals not only produce written content but also provide visuals or video content. Journal is a type of magazine with a focus on connections in the manufacturing sector. The journal helps in offering the industry insights and trends and in sharing best practices. The journal can be published in print or online. This Tutorial will cover some of the steps that you should take before publishing your manufacturing journal.

Tally prime has evolved to make it easy for the manufacturers to make their own journals. With the help of Tally prime, manufacturers can create their own journal in no time. The manufacturing journal is a document that contains all the details of manufacturing process. It also includes production monitoring and works as it is the only source of information for audit purposes. To start with your journal, you will need to set up an account on Tally prime by providing necessary information like your company name, customer number, and location. You can also provide details about your company's legal structure if needed.

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