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There are many ways in which you can generate a report in Tally. You can run the report in the background and schedule it for when you want to look at the data later. Alternatively, you can generate a report and view it on screen after it is generated. Some of the most common ways in which you can generate reports in Tally include: - Running Reporting Jobs - Generating Reports from Data - Generating Reports from Automated Queries

The three types of reports generated in Tally are financial reports, production reports, and general reports. The first is the financial report. This type of report provides a total sum of the business’s revenue and expenses. Another important feature is that it displays these totals in comparison to the previous year’s totals. It also shows how much has been spent on different expenses so that managers can decide how to allocate their budgets for upcoming budgets. The production report provides information about how much work was completed by employees during each day of the week, as well as what work was completed by which employees. General reports provide information about any changes made to company data, such as data entered into a database, or an error that occurred during data processing. The general reports section of the Tally app is a customizable dashboard that allows users to see the reports they are interested in. Users can customize the order, set up alerts for certain types of data, and download any report they want.

The Periodic Ledger Monthly Summary to know how your finances are stacking up month-by-month. Not only will this report show you the number of payments or receipts occurring in each month, but it will also display the total number of vouchers. With the included variance, you'll be able to review any where between two and four months of transactions.

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