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In SQL Server, there are three types of user-defined functions:

  • Functions that are scalar (Returns A Single Value)
  • Table Valued Functions inline (Returns a Table Set and contains a single TSQL query)
  • Valued Functions in Multi-Statement Tables (Contains multiple TSQL statements and returns Table Set)

M-Codes, or miscellaneous functions, govern the functioning components that activate and deactivate coolant flow, spindle rotation, spindle rotation direction, and other activities.

(COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MAXIMUM, MINIMUM) All of these are aggregate functions, which are SQL's built-in functions. These five functions use the result-set to do calculations and return a single value.

A single value is returned by an aggregate function, which conducts a calculation on a set of values. Aggregate functions, with the exception of COUNT(*), ignore null values. The GROUP BY clause of the SELECT statement is frequently used with aggregate functions. There are no deterministic aggregate functions.

Aggregate functions and scalar(non-aggregate) functions are the two forms of SQL functions.

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