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  • SQL Functions

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SQL is the "meat and potatoes" of data analysis for many people—used it's to access, clean, and analyse data contained in databases. It's simple to understand, but it's used by the world's top corporations to tackle extremely difficult problems.

  • CUME_DIST (Transact-SQL)
  • FIRST_VALUE (Transact-SQL)
  • LAG (Transact-SQL)
  • LAST_VALUE (Transact-SQL)
  • LEAD (Transact-SQL)
  • PERCENT_RANK (Transact-SQL)

An analytic function gives a single output for each row after computing values across a collection of rows. An aggregate function, on the other hand, delivers a single result for a group of rows.

SQL Server comes with a wide range of mathematical functions. These math functions are specialised to Trigonometry, Calculus, and Geometry applications. ABS, CEILING, DEGREES, FLOOR, POWER, RADIANS, and SIGN are arithmetic functions that return a value of the same data type as the input value.

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