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The Oracle INSERT ALL statement adds several rows to a table using a single INSERT statement. With just one SQL command, the rows can be inserted into one or multiple tables.

Select the same number of rows that you wish to insert to insert multiple rows. On a Mac or PC, hold down the "shift" key on your keyboard to select multiple rows. Select six rows while holding the "shift" key, for example, if you wish to insert six rows.

To insert many records, use the INSERT-SELECT-UNION query:

  • As a result, we can put data into many rows of the table using the INSERT-SELECT-UNION query. Through the INSERT statement, the SQL UNION query helps to select all of the data that has been encompassed by the SELECT query.

Only extent allocations are noted instead of the actual data being put when using BULK INSERT. This will perform far better than INSERT. The real benefit is that the amount of data logged in the transaction log is reduced.

"A bulk insert is a database management system's process or method for loading several rows of data into a database table." Bulk insert permits importing external data files into SQL Server if we alter this explanation in line with the BULK INSERT statement.

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