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  • SQL Insert Statement Scripts

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To get data from many tables, use the INSERT INTO SELECT command with the Join clause. A JOIN clause can be used to retrieve data from many tables. The ON clause is used to link these tables based on the conditions supplied. Let's say we want to combine data from several tables and insert it into a single table.

To combine tables, use the following syntax. Using the phrases UNION or UNION ALL is the simplest technique to join two tables together. These two approaches stack one set of data on top of the other. The distinction between the two keywords is that UNION accepts only separate values, whereas UNION ALL keeps all of the specified values.

Inserting Multiple Values into Multiple Tables in a Single Statement is entirely doable.

The Oracle INSERT ALL statement adds several rows to a table using a single INSERT statement. With just one SQL command, the rows can be inserted into one or multiple tables.

You should be able to perform this using an INSERT INTO MyTable SELECT statement if you have create access. The INSERT INTO command does not create a new table.

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