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Because YouTube is also a social network, you can add friends, like, share, comment, subscribe, and 'favourite' videos in addition to hosting them for free. All of these aspects lead individuals to your videos who have comparable interests. Consider YouTube in the same way that you would a search engine.

Profile development is one of the three primary things that strategic social media marketing packages should include. Engagement. Monitoring and reporting

Among marketers, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing network. Every day, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video. YouTube may be used for more than just watching videos. You may also upload your own videos to boost your exposure and get more people to watch them.

One of the challenges for SMM professionals is that they have had limited opportunities to produce videos of high quality content that can be shared across different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

YouTube is widely used as a marketing tool in the digital world. It provides brands with opportunities to connect with their target audience and reach them over different platforms.

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