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Because YouTube is also a social network, you can add friends, like, share, comment, subscribe, and 'favourite' videos in addition to hosting them for free. All of these aspects lead individuals to your videos who have comparable interests. Consider YouTube in the same way that you would a search engine.

This is an excellent option for small businesses because it allows them to focus on their products and not spend too much money on expensive advertisements. This also doesn’t take away from their time or resources which can be used elsewhere, such as building up the products and services.

YouTube advertising is a great channel for marketers to use for their social media marketing campaigns. They can use YouTube ads to do some of the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to the company website
  • Get more engagement on social media posts

One type of YouTube ad is an in-stream video ad. These ads appear before, during, or after related videos on YouTube. In-stream video ads are usually six seconds long and will play once per hour on average. Another type of YouTube ad is a pre-roll video ad. These ads play before a video on YouTube and are usually 30 seconds long or shorter. Pre-rolls are also called "YouTube Ads" because they only run on the platform and they're labeled as such in the player with text that reads “sponsored by” followed by the company that paid for it.

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