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The term "social media" refers to the means by which individuals connect in virtual communities and networks by creating, sharing, and/or exchanging information and ideas. The major Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube profiles are managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Social Media is a positive tool that allows us to connect with our loved ones, stay updated on current events and learn more about new topics. It provides a platform for people to share their ideas and thoughts with each other which helps in making a better world.

The different types of social media are:

  • Public: These platforms are used to share content with only your friends
  • Private: These platforms are used for sharing with friends or people in your network
  • Open: These platforms allow anyone who wants to join the platform to do so
  • Virtual Reality (VR): This type of platform is transitioning into more personal experiences that allows you to communicate with others through avatars and holographic technology
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Social media is one of the most popular platforms in the society, with over 3.4 billion monthly active users. While there are various social networking sites which are used by different people and for various purposes, Facebook is still the most popular and widespread social media network.

The National Science Foundation launched the NSFNET, a more robust, nationwide digital network, in 1987, which served as a direct forerunner to today's internet. The first true social media network was developed a decade later, in 1997.

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