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A thorough understanding of social media marketing is essential for an interviewer to ask relevant questions. Here are some questions that can be used by the interviewer:

  • What is the definition of social media marketing?
  • What are its objectives?
  • What is its scope?
  • Who are the stakeholders in this field?
  • What would you do if you had to create a social marketing plan for a new product launch?
  • What if your company wanted to advertise in order to promote its services in China, India, and Russia?
  • How has digital technology impacted this field?
  • How have social media platforms influenced this field over time?

  • Be active.
  • Know the market.
  • Show your innovation.
  • Be bold.
  • Plan ahead.
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I possess a wide range of abilities that would enable me to stand out in a crowd. Rather than speaking for myself, I'd want to show you some of my work. I'd like for you to give me the chance to let my work speak for itself. This is how someone who is interested in marketing may respond.

You'll most likely be asked a "soft" question at the end of the interview to allow you to summarise and conclude. Instead of concluding with a standard "thank you," use a "haymaker," a memorable sound bite that reinforces your main theme.

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