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Electricity is connected at 400 and 415 Volts In three-phase. 3-phase is the term used in power engineering to denote the number of phases of a three-phase electrical system. The term is used extensively in power engineering, particularly in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and RF (radio frequency) engineering. There are three analog signals present in all AC power systems: 0V, 5V, and 12V. When these signals are assumed to be zero volts or zero amperes, then the output voltage of a switching machine is called 3-phase or zenith voltage.

For three-phase cables the phase colors are brown, black and grey, instead of red, yellow and blue. Phase color is a major issue when it comes to cables. To simplify the life of the consumer, IT companies have changed the color of the neutral conductor from black to Blue. Again the protective conductor is identified by the color combination green-and-yellow. This has resulted in a much better looking cable and less stress on the eyes which in turn makes it more comfortable to use.

A three phase system is very popular as it can transmit a higher power. Such systems are used in all kinds of applications. The polyphase system can be used to transmit more energy at a lower cost. The three phase system gets the maximum value from the load and the lowest cost, both in terms of electricity and machinery, because of their high efficiency. Three phase machines have been used to run a variety of household appliances. These machines are very efficient because of their improved efficiency.

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