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The RL series circuit is a very basic basic circuit for a radio receiver. It has an antenna, two oscillators and a filter. Two of the three oscillators are controlled by the filter, while one is controlled by the voltage generated from an inverter that can be powered from a battery or other source as needed. A RL circuit is a passive electrical circuit consisting of the passive components of a resistor (R) and an inductor (L) connected together. The voltage source or current source drives the circuit elements, causing them to enter or leave state.

The problem of calculating power in a parallel RL circuit is a classic that has been dealt with for many years. It is an NP-hard problem and can be stated as The voltage across each branch of a parallel RL circuit is the same value, equal in value to the total applied voltage, ET, and in phase with each other. This means that the overall voltage across the entire circuit is equal. The total current in a parallel RL circuit is equal to the vector sum of the branch currents because the branch currents are out of phase with each other. It can also be shown that the total current in a parallel RL circuit is equal to the sum of all branches currents, which includes all branch currents coming from one or more sources.

RL Circuit having combination of resistance(s) and inductor(s). A resistor is a physical element which has a resistance, and an inductor is a physical element which has a magnetic field. A resistor can be used in a circuit to form an entire series circuit with the help of magnetic field produced by the current flowing through it. An inductor is commonly used in chokes of luminescent tubes to produce light from its chemical reaction. In an AC circuit, inductors help in reducing voltage without the loss of energy.

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