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The Variable Resistor block is a common building block of electric circuits. It stores charges in different states, allowing the output voltage to vary. When this voltage varies, it can be used to control other components in the circuit. The robust discrete solver is a general-purpose finite element algorithm that can be applied to any problem related to electrical engineering.

RobJ is a resistor ( rvalue ) with a default name, R . Rob will be named after the rvalue , and can be used in real-world applications. robj is a resistor class that takes in an rvalue and rname. robj only accepts scalars, with the exception of numbers. This means you are free to create any number of resistors, have them have different physical resistance values, or assign different names to them.

Resistors are able to handle high voltages; it is the way they do it that determines their behavior. As such, simulators can be used to emulate resistors. Resistors are also known as capacitors and the different parameters (such as value, frequency and value over frequency) of them determine their behavior. A developer should know the elements of resistors in order to build resistor-based simulation models. Resistors can be used in capacitance-based models since they behave like capacitors under certain conditions. This is an important feature for digital design simulation because if one model lacks this feature, one cannot use it for real computation.

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