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The Formula for maximum power dissipation across the load is RL=RTh. When you're drawing high current from a load, the power is drawn across a large load. The power drawn by a resistor is rated at its maximum value for that resistance. The condition of the load determines the condition of the resistive device and its ability to produce power. The load resistance of an electrical circuit is commonly assumed to be equal to the source resistance. However, this assumption is incorrect because if the load resistance is equal to the source resistance, then there will only be one path through which the AC current passes. This means that there will be no net loss of power by conducting it through this path.

Maximum power transfer theorem (MPTT) is a nonlinear electrical problem. It plays a vital role in the application of power electronics in internal combustion engines, DC motors, electric machines and other devices that require high power to operate.

MPTT is applied in Radio communications, Where the power amplifier in the radio has two terminals called source and load. It turns on when it detects a signal, which is called open circuit voltage. The load impedance in the circuit is equal to the source impedance. If you want to increase or decrease the power output of your radio, you need to know the load impedance of the amplifier in order to adjust current flow to achieve maximum power output.

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