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Kirchhoff's first law another name : 1. Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL) 2. Kirchhoff's Junction Rule 3. Kirchhoff's point rule 4. Kirchhoff's nodal rule The principle of conservation of electric charge holds true in all systems. If one object acquires a charge, the whole system acquires a similar charge. In other words, if you add 1A to an object, it will have the same charge as the whole system after it has been removed from the charging station.

Kirchhoff's first law applies to currents at a junction in a circuit. The junction forms a current source . The current in the junction is, therefore, equal to the sum of currents flowing out of and into the junction.

KVL is used in electric circuits to calculate the magnitude of current flow. It is also used in physics to model what happens when a potential difference is applied between two conductors with zero resistance. (KVL) is Kirchhoff's second law. Gustav Kirchhoff's Voltage Law is the second of his fundamental laws we can use for circuit analysis.

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