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Thevenin's Theorem states that “In a modern electrical circuit, if you have a voltage source and a resistor, then you could replace the resistor with just one single voltage source connected to the load. This is an example of a simple linear circuit that can be replaced by just one single resistance connected across the load”.

Thevenin's Theorem is a simple but effective procedure for analyzing power circuits. It is a powerful tool that can help you reduce the risk of failure and/or increased failure rates under certain conditions. Thevenin's Theorem allows you to analyze any circuit with a minimal amount of effort, increasing your chances of success. The power dissipation in a circuit is the product of the voltage and current flowing across the load. The voltage and current can be calculated by multiplying each other, but this is done at each iteration, which wastes time.

Power systems are one of the most important systems in electric power sector. They control the distribution of electricity from the power plants to consumers. Our study is aimed at investigating how a load resistance value, in a given moment, can affect a power system's capacity. we use the Theorem to analyze single frequency AC circuits that have impedance values rather than resistance values.

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