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The process of cleaning and integrating chaotic and complicated data sets for easy access and analysis is known as data wrangling. With the amount of data and data sources continually rising and expanding, it is becoming increasingly important to organize massive volumes of available data for analysis.

Multiple data sources are combined into a single dataset for analysis. Identifying data gaps (for example, empty cells in a spreadsheet) and filling or eliminating them. Delete data that is either superfluous or irrelevant to the project at hand.

Data wrangling improves data usability by converting data into a format that is suitable with the end system. It facilitates the creation of data flows within an easy user interface, as well as the scheduling and automation of data flows.

Data cleaning is concerned with removing incorrect data from your data set. Data-wrangling, on the other hand, focuses on modifying the data format by converting "raw" data into a more useable form.

There are three main types of data wrangling tools:

  • Data Preparation Tools: These tools help users prepare the data for machine learning. They include functions such as splitting a large dataset into smaller chunks and reorganizing it into a usable format.
  • Data Visualization Tools: These tools help users visualize their machine learning results, which is helpful when they have too much data or when they want to show their findings to others.
  • Machine Learning Tools: These tools help users train and test predictive models using a wide variety of algorithms such as decision trees, random forests, gradient boosting machines.

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