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A bundle product is a mix of products that you can customise to suit your needs. Each component in the bundle product can be based on one of the following product types: Simple Product or Virtual Product, and a bundle can have a dynamic or fixed value.

Product bundling refers to the sale of numerous individual items or services as a single package for a lower price than if they were offered separately. Value dinners at restaurants, beach kits, and shampoo and conditioner sets are all examples of product bundles.

In a procedure known as mixed bundling, buyers are given the option to buy a group of things together as a bundle at a lesser price than they would pay if they bought them all separately. Pure bundling, on the other hand, is a different, more uncommon variant of this method.

Bundling products is mostly used to persuade people to purchase multiple items at once. As a consequence, you'll be able to raise your average order value and, as a result, your overall sales and revenues from your e-commerce store. Bundling related products makes inventory management easier for those things.

Consumers who buy bundled products can choose from a variety of options and quantities for each item in the bundle, but customers who buy grouped products can only buy a restricted number of each item. If you want to give your consumers the option of customising the size, colour, or material, you should offer bundled items.

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