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The form events are the same as regular JavaScript events, but they now include jQuery support. When a form control receives or loses focus, or when the user changes the value of a form control, such as by typing text in a text input or selecting any item in a pick box, a form event is fired. submit. choose

There are three types of jQuery Form Events:

  • Form events which are triggered when the user submits a form
  • Form events which are triggered when the user selects an option from the form
  • Form events which are triggered when a field value changes or is updated by another event

The jQuery Form Events API allows you to add custom event handlers to form elements. It also offers a way to bind and unbind events when the form is submitted:

  • Event handlers allow for more control in terms of form validation and error messages.
  • The API can be used by JavaScript, CSS, or both.
  • The API is easy to use with jQuery and vanilla JavaScript.

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