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The clone() function copies a set of items, such as child nodes, text, and attributes.

The clone() method takes two parameters: the first is the selector, and the second is an object containing options. The options object contains three properties: data, html and template.

The jQuery clone() method is a way of cloning an element with all its attributes and children. It can be used when you want to create a new DOM element that shares the same properties as the original. This is useful when you want to reuse an existing element in your application without having to manually duplicate it.

The clone() method is used to create a new element with the same content as an existing element. This includes text, HTML, and other types of data. It works by copying the original DOM node and then modifying it to have a new ID.

The jQuery clone() method is a popular method for cloning an element. It can be used to create a copy of an element and make changes to it. However, there are some alternatives to the jQuery clone() method that can be used as well.

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