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The jQuery scrollTop method is used to set or return the selected element's vertical scrollbar position. The position 0 is specified when the scrollbar is at the top.

The scrollTop value of an element represents the distance between the element's top and its uppermost visible content. The scrollTop value of an element is 0 when its content does not cause a vertical scrollbar.

The vertical scrollbar position for the chosen components is set or returned by the scrollTop() method. The position is 0 when the scrollbar is at the top. When used to revert to the previous position: The vertical position of the scrollbar for the FIRST matched element is returned by this method.

ScrollTop() is very helpful in determining whether the user has scrolled down or not. It can also be used to determine how much content is left on a given webpage, which can help you optimize your website layout and design.

The scrollTop() method is used to find the top of the page in jQuery. It returns a number that corresponds to how many pixels have scrolled up, or down, since the last time it was called.

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