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  • 3.3 detach
  • 3.3 empty
  • 3.3 remove

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The remove() method is used to remove elements from the DOM. When you wish to remove an element's contents as well as the element itself, use. remove(). All bound events and jQuery data associated with the elements are removed, in addition to the elements themselves.

disconnect() jQuery method: The detach() method removes all text and child nodes from the specified items. It does, however, save data and events.

The .remove() method removes an item from the DOM. The .hide() method hides an item on the screen.

The following are some of the benefits of using Jquery methods to remove elements:

  • The code is easier to read and maintain.
  • It saves time and resources.
  • It increases the speed of development.
  • It reduces the number of lines in the code.

You can delete the data property value from html elements using the jQuery removeData() method. The jQuery removeData() method can be used to remove data attributes from HTML elements that were previously set. removeData(name); $(selector).

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