What is LCD Interface and How it works

What Is LCD Interface And How It Works?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. What we can see on the serial monitor, also can be seen on LCD. There are mainly two types of LCD: 16x2 and 20x4. 16x2 means, 16 characters per line by two lines and 20x4 means 20 characters per line by four lines.

If an 8-bit data bus is used, the LCD will require 11 data lines. In that, eight lines are for data bus, and three lines are for control. There are three types of control lines- EN, RS, RW.

EN= Enable (for sending data)

RS= Register Select (treat data as command or text)

RW= Read/Write (read/write data to LCD)

In the video, pins and configuration of LCD is explained with LCD diagram.

Now create a circuit on tinkercad using steps shown in the video. First, Connect LCD with Arduino. Then start coding. Copy program and paste it into tinkercad. Compile it and see the results.

You can change your character spacing in LCD as shown. Learn new ways of writing in LCD from the video. This way, you can interface LCD and display whatever you want to show.


  • LCD technology has been around for over 50 years, but it was not until recent years that it became popular and widely used in televisions, computer monitors, and mobile devices.
  • The LCD Interface is a type of interface that uses LCDs to display information on a computer monitor or television screen. It displays images by using light emitted from backlit transistors or liquid crystals in order to create an image on the screen.

  • LCD Interface is a simple, low-cost and easy-to-integrate solution for displaying information to the user in the form of text or graphics.
  • LCD Interface has been widely used in IOT projects by providing access to data on the LCD screen. For example, it is often used in security systems like drones and home automation systems.

  • LCD panels are the most common type of display used in modern electronics. They are used in televisions, laptop computers, and smartphones.
  • LCD interfaces can be divided into two categories: passive and active. A passive LCD interface is one that does not require power to operate. An active LCD interface needs power to operate but has a smaller overall size than a passive LCD interface.

  • LCD interface boards are typically used in computer monitors, televisions, and other electronic devices. They provide a display that can be seen from multiple angles.
  • LCD interface boards are usually found on the top of a computer monitor or television set. The board is composed of different types of circuits and components that enable it to produce images on the screen.

Arduino is a microcontroller that can be used to make all sorts of electronic devices. It is a popular platform for DIY enthusiasts and engineers who are looking to build their own projects.

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