How to do DC Motor Simulation

How To Do DC Motor Simulation?

In the last video, we saw how we can interface a motor with Arduino. In this video, practical tutorial of interfacing, a motor will be taught.

For simulation, like other videos, we will use tinkercad. As shown in the video,

  • Connect the L293D IC.
  • As per pin diagram connect pins of motor driver IC.
  • Connect motor, battery, Arduino as shown in the video.
  • After making all connection, start writing code.

After completion of coding, upload your program and start the simulation. See your motor is rotating. You can control speed, direction as per instruction given in the video.


  • The DC motor simulation is a software that simulates a DC motor's behavior in order to predict its performance.
  • The DC motor simulation can be used to determine the effects of different parameters on the performance of the machine, such as speed, torque, and power.

How can I do a DC motor simulation with an Arduino?

You will need:

  •  Arduino Uno
  •  Breadboard
  •  DC Motor (two lead wires)
  •  Potentiometer

Advantages of Using DC Motor Simulations:

  • Simulation is a very good tool for teaching students about the basics of motors, electric circuits, and electromagnetism.
  • It provides a great way to learn about how electricity flows in circuits and how it interacts with other components.

A DC Motor is a type of motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is used in many different types of machines like robots, cars, and power tools. It has the ability to rotate at different speeds because it uses the rotating magnetic field created by a stationary coil of wire wrapped around the armature shaft.

  • AC motors have a commutator that provides a more efficient method of converting the AC current into rotational energy.
  • DC motors do not require a commutator as they rely on the external power source to provide the necessary voltage and current to generate rotational energy.
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