What is Bluetooth DC Motor Speed Control

How To Control DC Motor Speed With Bluetooth Using Arduino?

In the last video, we operate the motor with Bluetooth. In this video, we will learn how to control the speed of the motor with Bluetooth.

As shown in the video, first define keys for various direction. Write code as explained in a video. Here, for full speed, medium speed and low-speed coding is written. After writing, upload program and interface motor, motor driver, Arduino and Bluetooth. Connect Bluetooth module to your phone.

Now give commands from the phone and watch how a motor works. It will change its speed according to your define commands. In the next video, we will see how to interface multiple DC motor.


You may change the speed of the motor by rotating the potentiometer. The Arduino creates control signals based on the variable resistor's input, but the motor is unable to interpret them directly, so we use an L298N motor driver.

A DC motor's speed control is the intentional changing of drive speed. We can manually control the speed of a DC motor or use an automatic control system. This differs from speed regulation, which allows the speed to adjust to a natural variation in speed caused by a change in the load on the shaft.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is a technique for managing the brightness of LEDs, controlling the speed of a DC motor, controlling a servo motor, and other situations where you need to achieve analogue output via digital means.

  • The main goal of this process is to be able to control the speed and direction of the motor using a computer. There are many use cases for this process, such as controlling the speed and direction of an aquarium pump or a windmill.
  • Bluetooth-enabled DC motors are becoming more popular in recent years because they have low energy consumption and can be controlled remotely. This makes them appealing for use in remote applications like robotics, drones, and home automation systems.

  • A Bluetooth DC Motor is a motor that can be controlled by a smartphone or any other device with Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it an excellent choice for IoT applications.
  • The most common use of the Bluetooth DC Motor is to provide mobility to remote objects such as robots, drones, and even humans.
  • The Arduino platform is the most popular option for using the Bluetooth DC Motor in an IoT application. It allows for easy interfacing with sensors and actuators and provides a large number of libraries that make programming easier.

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