How to program Remote Control Car

How To Program Remote Control Car?

In this video, we will learn how to program remote control car by merging all our previous programs.

First, define motors. For controlling speed, define PW pins. As we are going to control the car using Bluetooth, we have to define a serial port. Now write the main program in the void loop as shown in the video. With the help of a conditional statement, you can write a program quickly.

After writing code, enable Bluetooth in a cell phone. Define new keys as per requirement. You can set forward, reverse, left, stop, right as per your comfort. Now interface all components as per video. Connect pins, motor driver, Arduino, motor, and Bluetooth module correctly.

Upload program on the device. Run and check the output by giving commands. Make necessary changes as required and again run your program. You will face some problems while doing any project, troubleshoot them, and keep changing your program.

So make a habit of debugging your program frequently. This way, you will able to write code efficiently and correctly. In the next lecture, we will fit all electronics in mechanical hardware. We will build our remote control car. The program will be the same in assembling a car.


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