How Multiple DC Motor Interface works?

In previous videos, we saw how to work with a single motor. Now, we will see how to interface multiple motors.

For two motors, we will require four terminals. We will use the L293D motor driver. Define terminals of a motor driver, as shown in the video. Also, define output pin modes. Write the rest of the program, as shown in the video and upload it.

Now, connect the motor, motor driver and Arduino as per instructions. Run the program and see effects. Now to move the motor in forward/reverse direction, you have to modify code as shown. This way, you can change direction.


The Motor Output Interface includes an output pair for operating DC motors that require polarity reversal to change the mechanical direction of action. For example, depending on the polarity of the supply to the motor, a DC motor for an electronic window mechanism will move the window up or down.

The difference between two phase and three phase motors is the number of magnetic poles in the motor. A two-phase motor has only one magnetic pole, while a three-phase motor has three magnetic poles.

  • A DC motor is a type of electric motor that uses direct current to generate torque. This type of motor is widely used in many machines because it has a high efficiency and can perform work for long periods of time.
  • A DC motor has a rotating armature with two coils, one on the inside and one on the outside, connected to the terminals. When an electric current flows through these coils, they create magnetic fields that rotate the armature and make it move in one direction or another.

  • The difference between a DC motor and a stepper motor is that the former uses direct current (DC) whereas the latter uses alternating current (AC).
  • The main difference between the two is that a stepper motor can only move in one direction while a DC motor can move in both directions.

  • Automation: The process of using software to perform a task without human intervention.
  • AI: The process of using software that is capable of learning and adapting to new situations automatically

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