How to assemble the Remote Control Car

How To Assemble Remote Control Car?

In this video, we will learn how to assemble the remote control car.

As shown in the video, you will need a robotic chassis for making a car. You can take small or big chassis as per your requirement. First, connect both motors as shown in the video. Learn how to adjust components on small chassis from a video. After connecting the motor, connect the motor driver. Now take connections from driver IC using cable connectors. Fix your motor driver on the chassis with double side tape.

Now connect Arduino as per program with motor IC. After that, attach wheels on motors shafts. Fix caster as shown in the video. The caster has a ball bearing, which helps it to roll. Connect battery connections with the motor driver. Fix Arduino so that it does not move. Same way, fix the battery too, using double sided tape.

Connect Bluetooth to Arduino using connectors. After making connections, fix the Bluetooth module on the chassis. Now, upload the program on Arduino. Connect Bluetooth with a cell phone. Switch on the motor driver. After that, check if your bot is working as per commands or not. In the video, every command is explained, and you can see its effects on the bot, too.

So this way, you can make remote control car. Apart from this, you can make different types of applications.


  • Build the frame

The frame of the car consists of two pieces of wood. One piece should be long enough to extend past the wheels on both sides, and the other piece should be longer than that but not as long as it needs to be for the wheels on one side.

  • Attach servo motor to frame

This article provides a list of the best ways to get started with IOT Arduino. This includes the different types of sensors that can be used and the different libraries that are available for programming them.

  • Remote control cars are a popular toy for many children. They come in different shapes and sizes and have different components that make them work.
  • The most important component of a remote control car is the controller. This is the device that you hold in your hand to steer the vehicle. It has two joysticks that allow you to make sharp turns and left or right movements, as well as three buttons: one to go forward, one to reverse, and one to stop.
#BBD0E0 »

The first step is to solder the wire that comes out of your remote control car's controller onto your Arduino's GPIO pins, then attach power from your battery pack to your Arduino's Vin pin and GND pins. Finally, wire up your LED from pin 13 on your Arduino with a 330 ohm resistor on one side of it and GND on the other side of it.

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