What is Arduino and Why to use it

What is Arduino & How to Use it?

In this video, we will see what is Arduino and how to use it? First, let's understand a microcontroller.

Programmers work in a virtual world, while machinery works in the physical world. Now to combine both of these worlds, the microcontroller comes in to picture. A microcontroller is a kind of chip in which we upload program. It is a small-scale computer with generalized inputs & outputs.

You can say a microcontroller is one type of CPU. In this, microprocessor, RAM, and program memory exist. In the program, memory code is stored, and in RAM, inputs are stored. All these components combined in a system, which is known as 'Embedded System.' So, in an embedded system, the software is loaded into a hardware device.

As shown in the video, Arduino's definition states that it is an open-source electronics platform. It is easy-to-use for non-technical persons too. In the video, Arduino features are explained in detail. Arduino senses the environment and works according to it.

The video also shows the history of Arduino, how Arduino's name comes, and its other benefits. In Arduino, the programming language is very simplified. It uses C++'s simpler version.

Types of Arduino are classified based on the number of pins, size, processor it has. Like: Leonardo, micro, mega, uno, etc., let's talk about Arduino UNO. It is the first Arduino. Its detailed explanation is available in the video. You can see how many different pins come with it. Every pin's work is described in the video.

Now, let's understand Arduino MEGA.  It has more communication pins, more memory than UNO. You can understand some common sensors like sound, IR, temperature, etc., from the lecture and video clarifies the voltage sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and Bluetooth module.

What is Shields? Shields are circuit boards that extend the capabilities of Arduino. Examples of shields are Ethernet, GPS, motor, etc.

In short, Arduino is a low cost way to enter into the hobby of robotics. It has an extensive online library of code & projects.


  • Arduino is a microcontroller that has become well known for its use in electronics projects. It is also used in the automotive industry, home automation, and industrial automation.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes such as controlling motors or sensors, interfacing with other devices, and even creating your own software control systems.
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It is a very popular platform among DIYers and engineers as well as students who are learning programming. Arduino can be programmed using the Arduino programming language which is open-source.

Some of the most popular projects that have been done with Arduino include:

  • Robotics: Raspberry Pi vs Arduino, Lego Mindstorms EV3 vs Arduino, and more!
  • Cars: Tesla Model S Autopilot, Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid, BMW i8 Roadster
  • Drones: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone

  • Arduino is a microcontroller board that is used to create interactive projects. Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can run Linux and other operating systems.
  • The Raspberry Pi was created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2012, whereas Arduino was first released in 2005. The main difference between the two is that Arduino is designed for hobbyists and makers, whereas Raspberry Pi is designed for people who just want to learn about coding.

Arduino is a low-cost alternative that can be used in many different applications like robotics, home automation, IoT devices, etc. It also helps people who are new in coding get started on their journey by providing them with an easy-to-learn development environment and community support for beginners.

  • Arduino can be used as a prototyping board. You could use it as the base of your project and then build on top of it.
  • Arduino has many libraries that let you control different components and functions on the board itself or connect it to external hardware like motors or sensors
  • Arduino has an online IDE called IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which lets you code and debug your project without any programming language knowledge
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