What is Bluetooth DC Motor interfacing

How To Interface DC Motor With Bluetooth Using Arduino?

In this video, you will learn how to interface DC motor with the help of Bluetooth.

As shown in the video, first define all your pins in program and change program in the void loop. Make changes as per instructions. After writing code, compile and check for any error. Now, interface Arduino and motor. Also, you can see in the video, how to attach Bluetooth module with Arduino. Attach battery terminals and make other connections as shown.

You have to connect your cell phone with Bluetooth. Give commands from the phone and see effects on a motor. In next lecture, we will see how to work on PWM.


DC motors can be used in many different applications, such as:

  • Moving a device or machine forward or backward.
  • Creating motion by rotating a shaft or paddle.
  • Producing linear force by rotating an armature or pulley.

  • There are two methods for interfacing a DC motor to an Arduino: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The first method is direct current, which is more common than the second method.
  • Direct current is when the motor receives power directly from the Arduino, while alternating current requires a separate power supply and switch to control the AC voltage that powers the motor.

  • The Arduino has a built-in serial communications port called the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) that needs to be used in order for it to communicate with other devices.
  • To interface the Arduino with a DC motor, you will need to connect the 5V and GND pins of the motor’s power supply, GND and DIO of the Arduino’s digital pin 12, and DIO of the Arduino’s digital pin 11.

The Android app is designed to send serial data to the Arduino Bluetooth module when a button is pressed on the app. The Arduino Bluetooth module at the other end receives the data and sends it to the Arduino through the TX pin of the Bluetooth module (connected to RX pin of Arduino)

  • Connect the VCC of the Bluetooth module to 5V of Arduino.
  • Connect the GND of Bluetooth module to the GND of Arduino.
  • Connect the TX of Bluetooth module to pin 10 of Arduino.
  • Connect the RX of Bluetooth module to pin 11 of Arduino.

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