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  • What is Tags with Example in HTML?

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The brand name label on the inside of a shirt is an example of a tag. A price tag on a mug during a yard sale is an example of a tag. A "Hello, my name is..." sticker distributed at a meeting is an example of a tag.

An HTML tag is a markup language element that specifies the start and end of an HTML element in a document. HTML tags, which are part of an HTML element, assist web browsers in converting HTML documents into web pages.

The control tags are made up of Script tags, radio buttons or checkboxes, Form tags, and so on. Basic HTML Root Tags, Formatting Tags, Audio and Video Tags, Form and Input Tags, Frame Tags, Link Tags, List Tags, Table Tags, Style Tags, Meta Tags, and so on are just a few examples of HTML tags.

Tags are used to build HTML components like paragraphs and links. Many elements contain an opening and closing tag – a p (paragraph) element, for example, has a p> tag, followed by the paragraph text, and finally a closing /p> tag.

Tags are short, question-like additions that go at the conclusion of a declarative phrase. Although they are commonly referred to as question tags, many sentences that conclude in a tag are not true questions. They're frequently employed to make sure the listener understands what the speaker is saying.

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