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  • How do you create a layout in HTML?
  • semantic-tags

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Elements of HTML Layout:

  • <header> - Defines a document or section's heading.
  • <nav> - A set of navigation links is defined.
  • <section> - Defines a document's section.
  • <article> - Defines a self-contained, autonomous content.
  • <aside> - Defines content that isn't content (like a sidebar)

An HTML layout is a set of instructions for arranging web pages in a specific order. It's simple to explore and understand, and it makes use of HTML tags to customise site design aspects. HTML layouts are often responsive by default, so they will be appropriately formatted for mobile devices as well.

The division tag is also known as the div tag. The div tag is an HTML tag that is used to divide material on a web page (text, images, header, footer, navigation bar, etc). The div tag has both an open (div>) and a closed (/div>) tag, therefore closing the tag is required.

Click Layout in the upper-right corner of the page when in page content editing mode. The user is presented with a list of layout elements. Drag a layout element from the page layout into a box. You can layer layout elements if you need to split a box into more columns.

HTML layout elements are quite useful when creating a website. They aid web page designers in creating well-structured pages. The reading experience of web pages is improved when these layout elements are used correctly. We've gone over the majority of the major HTML layout elements in depth.

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