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  • What is iframe in HTML and what is it used for?

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On a website, an IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document that is embedded inside another HTML document. The IFrame HTML element is frequently used to integrate material from another source into a Web page, such as an advertising.

Iframes are a source of SEO issues. Iframes should be avoided, according to Google. We strongly advise against using iFrames to show content. If you use iFrames, make sure to include text-based links to the content they display so that Googlebot can crawl and index it.

  • An inline frame is defined by the HTML iframe> tag.
  • The src element specifies the embeddable page's URL.
  • Always add a title attribute in your code (for screen readers)
  • The iframe's size is determined by the height and width properties.
  • To remove the iframe's border, use border:none;.

Tag iframe in HTML 5. The HTML iframe> tag is used to specify an inline frame, or a nested browsing environment, as the HTML5 specification calls it. By just supplying the content to the iframe> via the srcdoc attribute, you can create an inline frame without needing another document.

It's simple to embed an HTML file. All we have to do now is use the standard "link>" element. Then we provide the "rel" attribute the value "import." We link the URL of the HTML file to it using "href," exactly as we do with stylesheets and scripts.

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