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  • What are the Tags in HTML?

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There are a variety of HTML tags that may be used to assist you build your web page. In HTML, there are four mandatory tags. HTML, title, head, and body are the four elements. The opening and closing tags, as well as a description and an example, are included in the table below.

Tags are short pieces of data that represent information on a document, web page, or other digital item. They usually consist of one to three words. Tags give information about an object and make it simple to find similar goods with the same tag.

Paired and Unpaired Tags are the top three types of tags in HTML. The paired and unpaired tags in HTML are explained in detail with examples in the following sections.

  • Tags with a self-closing mechanism.
  • Tags with a utilitarian purpose.

element identifies a document's main content.... Sidebars, navigation links, copyright information, site logos, and search boxes are examples of content that should not be repeated throughout documents. Note that a document cannot have more than one main> element.

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