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  • How to create Line, Polygon, Polyline in SVG?
  • line,polygon,polyline

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SVG can be shown in most web browsers in the same way as PNG, GIF, and JPG can. Use the SVG polygon> element to draw a polygon in HTML SVG. A graphic with at least three corners is created by using the polygon> element. The x and y coordinates for each polygon corner are stored in the points attribute.

Lines. The line> element in SVG allows you to draw a straight line. Simply provide the line's endpoints' x and y coordinates. Coordinates can be supplied without units, in which case they are regarded user coordinates, or they can be specified using units like em, in, and so on.

The polyline> SVG element is a basic shape in SVG that connects many points with straight lines. A polyline is commonly used to construct open designs because the last point does not need to be connected to the first. The polygon> element is used to create closed shapes.

Polygon in SVG - polygon> A graphic with at least three corners is created with the polygon> element. Polygons are made up of straight lines and have a closed shape (all the lines connect up). Polygon is a Greek word.

polygon. points specifies a list of points, each representing a vertex of the shape to be drawn, for polygon>. In the user coordinate system, each point is defined by an X and Y coordinate. A polygon is a closed form, which means the end and first points are connected. Value.

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