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  • What are SVG Gradients?

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An SVG gradient is a type of gradient that is defined by a set of color stops. The color stops are positioned on a gradient line and have various positions from 0% to 100%. Gradients can be used in many ways, such as to create a background with an interesting texture, to make text more readable or to highlight an element.

You can design and apply gradients as either fills or strokes, which is perhaps more intriguing than just fills and strokes. Linear and radial gradients are the two types of gradients. If you don't give the gradient an id attribute, other elements in the file won't be able to access it.

Linear, radial, angle, reflected, and diamond are the five major forms of gradients.

The gradual transition from one colour to another is known as a gradient. It gives the designer the ability to almost invent a new hue. It adds a new level to the design and reality to the thing, which makes it stand out. Gradients, to put it simply, add depth.

A gradient adds aesthetic appeal to a design while also guiding users through it. The eye will focus on one colour area, and the shift in concentration across the screen is aided by the change in colours and light and dark areas. Gradients are a versatile and appealing design technique that can bring interest and spark to a variety of projects.

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