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An HTML form is a section of a document that contains regular content, markup, and special elements known as controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, and so on) as well as labels for those controls.

Step 1: First, input the HTML code in any text editor or open an existing Html file in the text editor where the registration form will be created. Step 2: Now we need to move the cursor to the position in the Html document where we want to build a form, which is between the beginning and ending of the body> element.

When you just wish to render a form input control, it appears that FORM tags are no longer required. If your input field's sole purpose is to provide a UI (user interface) hook for interactions, you can include it in the HTML without using the FORM tag.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language that tells a browser how to display a Web page. It creates the basic look and feel of Web sites. HTML is made up of components (tags) and attributes (attributes) that work together to identify document portions and inform the browser how to display them.

When you wish to collect information from a site visitor, HTML Forms are required. For instance, during user registration, you could want to collect information such a user's name, email address, credit card number, and so on.

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