• Make sure you're using the account that you use to maintain your Business Profile.
  • Search Google for your precise business name to find your Business Profile.
  • Select View profile if you need to update your profile.
  • Choose the type of post you wish to make by tapping Promote.
  • Fill in the blanks in the dialogue box with your message.

A 750-character limit has been set by Google. Because there isn't much space, you must carefully prioritise the information you wish to provide. Please keep in mind that Google will only show the first 250 characters of your description.

The purpose of the business description is to give an overview of the company, including what it does and how it differs from others in the same industry. This description goes into great detail about the company.

  • Begin by creating a simple overview that contains the Who, What, Where, and When of your company's history.
  • Tell us about your company's values.
  • Discuss your areas of expertise and your favourite projects.

  • Concentrate on your ideal customer.
  • Benefits will entice you.
  • Use superlatives to support your argument.
  • Make your readers' imaginations work for you.
  • Mini-stories can be used to break through reasonable boundaries.
  • Use sensory phrases to seduce.
  • Use social proof to entice you.
  • Make your description easy to read.

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