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Ecommerce sales agents are paid a constant salary and receive a share of their sales revenue as well. When a basic salary is involved, however, commission rewards often employ a smaller percentage of the sale.

The collection charge will be based on the product's final selling price. The total amount paid by the Customer, including any shipping charges (Price of product + Shipping charges), is the ultimate selling price. In addition, regardless of the category or seller tier, this fee is depending on the order item value.

For product marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, take rates often range from 5 to 20%, whereas for service marketplaces like Uber or Airbnb, take rates typically range from 15 to 25%. A list of take rates by leading marketplace businesses may be seen below. The average order size and frequency of transactions are other factors.

However, the typical sales percentage is usually between 20 and 30%. What is a reasonable sales commission rate? Some companies provide commissions of up to 40% to 50%. However, these are often sales people who demand greater technical skills and experience, as well as a commission-based remuneration structure.

Myntra charges a reasonable commission of 4% to 5%, depending on the item's class and brand.

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