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Demand forecasting in ecommerce is the practise of estimating future sales by combining historical variables such as prior sales, customer count, and repeat purchases. The ultimate aims are accurate benchmarks to guide your marketing approach, inventory levels, and cash flow.

Customer analytics may help you determine which touchpoints lead to conversion and, eventually, advocacy, in addition to determining which channels customers are most likely to find you through.

Demand is driven by a lot of things, including not only the amount of individuals actively looking for a product like yours, but also how much they're prepared to pay for it and how much of your product is available to customers, both in terms of your firm and competitors.

The process of collecting data from all of the areas that have an impact on your store is known as ecommerce analytics. Ecommerce analytics can encompass a wide range of customer journey metrics, including discovery, acquisition, conversion, retention, and advocacy.

Customer analytics aims to establish a single, accurate perspective of a customer so that businesses may make informed decisions about how to effectively attract and keep consumers, as well as discover and communicate with high-value customers.

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