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The following values are accepted by the text-transform property:

  • capitalize: Changes the first character in each word to an uppercase one.
  • lowercase: All characters are converted to lowercase.
  • none: Has no effect on capitalization at all.
  • uppercase: All characters are converted to uppercase.

The text-transform property in CSS

  • lowercase: reduces the case of all letters in the specified text.
  • uppercase: converts all letters in the specified text to uppercase (ALL CAPS).
  • capitalize: The first letter of each word in the selected text is capitalised.

Text-to-text transformation The capitalization of an element's text is controlled via a CSS attribute. It can be used to make text all-uppercase or all-lowercase, or to capitalise each word. It can also assist with ruby legibility.

The abbreviation for text decoration The decorative line appearance on text is controlled by the CSS attribute. Text-decoration-line, text-decoration-color, text-decoration-style, and the newer text-decoration-thickness are all shorthand for this property.

  • translate()
  • rotate()
  • scaleX()
  • scaleY()
  • scale()
  • skewX()
  • skewY()
  • skew()

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