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The pause between words If the text would normally overrun its content box, the CSS attribute determines whether line breaks appear.

When a word reaches the end of a line, the word-break property in CSS is used to describe how it should be broken or split. Long words are split/broken and wrapped into the next line using the word-wrap property. Breaking the words at any character to prevent overflow is done with word-break: break-all.

A line box's height is determined by the line-height CSS attribute. It's most typically used to set the spacing between text lines. It sets the minimum height of line boxes within the element on block-level elements.

Line height is one of the CSS properties that control the size of text. White space is another CSS property that controls how much space is between lines and paragraphs.

Line height is a CSS property that controls the size of text on a line. It can be set to any number, but it's most commonly set to 1 or an even number like 2 or 3. Line height affects how large the text looks on a line, so it's usually measured in multiples of the font-size. The default value for line height in CSS is 1.

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