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  • Height: The height property sets the vertical length of a box. Height is measured in pixels and should not be confused with the measure word “height”.
  • Width: The width property sets the horizontal length of a box. Width is measured in pixels and should not be confused with the measure word “width”.

There are many properties in CSS, but these 5 are the most commonly used:

  • background-color
  • border-top-width
  • border-top-style
  • border-right-width
  • border-right-style

When you give an element a width of 100% in CSS, you're essentially saying, "Make this element's content area precisely equal to its parent's explicit width — but only if its parent has an explicit width." So, if your parent container is 400px wide, a child element with a width of 100% will be 400px wide as well.

The max-width CSS attribute specifies an element's maximum width. It prevents the width property's utilised value from exceeding the value given by max-width.

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