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Simply add your plain text inside /* */ marks to comment in CSS. This informs the browser that they are notes that should not be displayed on the front end.

Comments can be placed anywhere on a style sheet where white space is allowed. They can be used to traverse many lines or on a single line.

In general, if you comment on anything that could be difficult to comprehend otherwise, as well as any exceptional or uncommon approaches you've utilised, it will be welcomed later on. The primary style.css files for the default WordPress themes are worth looking into. They've gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Use the style property in HTML to adjust the font size. The style attribute specifies an element's inline style. The attribute is used in conjunction with the CSS property font-size on the HTML p> tag.

Comments are text notes that are added to the programme to provide explanations for the source code. They are used in a programming language to document the programme and remind programmers of the tough things they performed with the code, as well as to assist later generations in understanding and maintaining the code.

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