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The CSS3 3D transform feature allows you to do fundamental transform manipulations on items in three-dimensional space, such as move, rotate, scale, and skew. A modified element has no effect on its surroundings, although it can overlap them, exactly like the components that are completely positioned.

You can rotate, scale, skew, or translate an element with the transform CSS property. It alters the CSS visual formatting model's coordinate space.

3-D transformation is the process of altering the view of a three-dimensional item in relation to its original position by changing its physical features using various transformation methods such as translation, scaling, rotation, and shear.

By generating a div for each side of the cube, you can simply achieve a 3D cube effect with CSS 3D Transform. Then, using rotateX, rotateY, and rotateZ, arrange them where they belong. The rotation fulcrum must also be moved, which necessitates the use of transform-origin.

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