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Use the calc() CSS function wisely! ... is significant in CSS since it usually indicates that something is out of place or that you are missing something.

Calc() is a native CSS technique to do simple math right in CSS as a substitute for any length value and has a couple of use cases (or pretty much any number value). Add (+), subtract (-), multiplication (*), and division (/) are the four basic math operators.

The calc() function can be used for many things such as calculating margins, paddings, borders, and more. It can also be used to calculate the position of an element on the screen and it has been made easier with CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS.

The calc() function can be used in various ways, including:

  • Calculate the percentage of change on a number or range of numbers
  • Find average value
  • Find the highest value within a range
  • Find the lowest value within a range
  • Calculate an absolute value (positive or negative)

A calc function can take many forms, but they all solve the same problem in different ways. For example, sin(x) calculates the sine of x, which is how far you are from being on one side of a 90-degree angle to being on the other side.

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