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Organic acquisition is the process of acquiring new users for a website or app purely through the use of search engines and social media. This is in contrast to paid advertising where companies pay the search engine to display their ad to people who are likely to take an action.

Google Analytics acquisition is the process of tracking the number of visitors and conversions from a campaign. The goal is to draw conclusions about the success of a campaign and to determine how to improve it.

Acquisition sources are the channels through which users have come to visit your website. The most common acquisition sources are Google Search Engine, Direct, Organic Search Engine, Referral sites, Social Media Sites & Display Advertising.

Google Analytics campaign is a report that is generated based on what you track. A Google Analytics campaign runs for a specific period of time and includes the metrics that you want to measure and analyze.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to see exactly how your website visitors are finding your site. Google Analytics utilizes a variety of sources to determine where traffic to your website originates from, including organic search engines, social media sites, referrals from other web pages, and more.

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