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It might be one of two problems if you can't post a video to IGTV. The Plus button you're used to seeing has vanished, or your video is longer than 10 minutes.

IGTV was created for social media influencers who want to share their content without the hassle of editing or creating a video on a computer. The platform also offers an opportunity for content creators to upload their own original videos without having to worry about copyright infringement or getting permission from the owners of the content they want to use.

The duration of videos on IGTV is determined by the number of views they have had. A video with less than 10,000 views will be allowed to stay up for 24 hours, while a video with more than 10,000 but less than 100,000 will only be allowed to stay up for 12 hours. Videos with more than 100,000 views can stay up for 48 hours and videos with more than 500,000 views can stay up for 72 hours.

To upload your IGTV content, go to the IGTV app on your phone or tablet. You'll see the screen with three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon, then tap "Settings." Now scroll down to "Upload video," and tap it. Follow these steps:

  • Choose the type of video you want to upload (video, live broadcast, or story)
  • Tap on "Add"
  • Select your camera mode
  • Record your video
  • Tap "Save" when you're finished recording

IGTV is new to Instagram and it's a platform for long-form video content. The maximum length of a video on IGTV is 60 minutes.

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