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Your closer is a call to action (CTA). It's a digital way of requesting a sale at the end of your pitch (or your photo and pithy caption). It's crucial because if you don't ask, you won't receive. A strong CTA not only persuades consumers to take action, but also instructs them on what to do and how to accomplish it.

No, you won't be able to see how many times your Instagram Highlights are viewed. Instagram simply shows how many times someone looked at something and who saw it, not how many times they looked at it. Your narrative could be seen a million times by the person who reads it, and you'd never know.

Instagram Highlights are Instagram stories that you choose to keep on your profile indefinitely. When you save a story to a Highlight, it will remain accessible for up to 24 hours, making it a wonderful way to keep your most popular tales alive. Useful Instagram Features You Should Be Using is a related article.

The next step or action that the marketer wants the consumer to perform is referred to as a call to action (CTA). Calls to action might be as straightforward as a "Buy Now" button or as subtle as "Read More."

Keeping in mind what a CTA is and what your audience is searching for, it becomes evident when and when not to include a CTA in your social media captions. When you're directly advertising a project or service, you should employ a CTA. You've published a new blog or website update that you'd like others to read.

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