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  • PLC Programming of NAND,NOR and XOR Logic Gate

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A NAND gate is an inverter that only allows current to pass if both of its inputs are high (1). If either input is low, then no current can pass through the gate. It’s similar to a NOT gate but it has a different function when it comes to the flow of current in a circuit.

A NOR gate, or N-type Inverter, is an inverter that allows current to pass through when both of its inputs are high, or 1. If either input is low (0), then no current can pass through the NOR gate.

An XOR logic gate is a type of digital logic gate that uses an exclusive-or (XOR) function to determine whether a signal is present or not. It is used in the control system of programmable logic controllers.

NOR gate is an electronic circuit that can be used to create logic operations. It is a two-input or two-output device with one input and one output. The input has two states, 0V or +5V, while the output has a single state, either 0V or +5V.

An AND gate is a device that can be used to create a logical circuit. It has two inputs and one output. The following figure shows the inputs and outputs of an AND gate.

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